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Ultra Fuel Mass Blast

Supports healthy muscle
Supports healthy energy and performance
Sustains the body with full-force amino acids


Healthy Muscle and Energy Support

Slammed with the ideal ratio of 44% protein to carbohydrates and MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Enraged MUTATION™ is scientifically designed to support healthy muscles and support energy during your most insane workouts.

The Powerful Ingredients that Make Enraged MUTATION™ so Effective:

Insane Amount of Amino Acids: ​Naturally occurring amino acids support healthy muscle. Just take a look at the chart below, that’s what’s stuffed into every serving of Enraged MUTATION™. The reason amino acids are so important: your body cannot naturally imitate it.

Naturally Occurring Amino Acids in Each Serving

Alanine 1512mg

Arginine 998mg
Aspartic Acid 3846mg Cystine 715mg
Glutamic Acid 4835ng Glycine 628mg
Histidine 756mg Isoleucine 2011mg
Leucine 3640mg

Lysine 3084mg
Methionine 784mg Phenylalanine 1117mg
Proline 1970 mg

Serine 1958mg
Threonine 2648mg Tryptophan 565mg
Tyrosine 1022mg

Valine 1911mg

P3 (Precise Powerful Protein): Our formula uses triple-filtered whey protein, cold-pressed whey protein AND unadulterated nutrients. This ensures that your muscles receive the purest and most concentrated compounds that contain only 6 grams of sugar with each serving.

First Phase: Naturally occurring amino acids support metabolic energy and healthy muscle.

Second Phase: Injection of 44% P3 (protein) to carbohydrates.

Third Phase: Extracellular absorption of MCT Oil.

Fourth Phase: Delivery of unadulterated and scientific nutrients that supports your health while you work your body hard in the gym.



Shaker: Make 1/2 serving each time, adding 2 scoops of Enraged MUTATION to 8oz of water.

Blender: Combine 12-16oz of milk or water, ice cubes, and 4 scoops of Enraged MUTATION.


Serving Size: 129.7g (4 Scoops)
Servings Per Container: 21

Amount Per Serving    %DV

Calories 518
      Calories from Fat  50
Total Fat  6g 9%†
      Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%†
Cholesterol  60mg 20%
Total Carbohydrate 81g 26%†
      Sugar 6g **
Protein 35g 68%†
Vitamin C 2mg 3%
Calcium 190mg 19%
Iron  2mg 13%
Sodium 150mg 6%

** Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:
Maltodextrin, Triple-Filtered Cold-Processed Whey Protein Concentrate, Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium Caseinate, Mono & Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Tri-Calcium Phosphate and Tocopherols), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Sucralose.

Allergen Warning: This product contains whey and milk derived from dairy and Lecithin (to improve mixability) derived from soybeans. Manufactured on equipment which processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts, and peanut flavor.